Polymer Make-up System

They are designed to dissolve polymer, which are used for sludge dewatering and various other wastewater treatment systems, automatically to the specified concentrations of polymer.
Automation of dissolving work will drastically save labor cost.
There are AF/AP series and Polymore manufactured by POLYMORE AB. ( AMCON INC. (JAPAN) offers Polymer only for Japan. )

AF Series Liquid Type

AP SeriesPowder Type


AF Series

AP Series


Save labor by fully
automatic operation

Just refill the stock solution tank / the hopper with polymer, and the device will do the rest from measurement to dissolution.

Constant concentration

The concentration of the diluted polymer is kept consistent as the device automatically measures the stock solution and dilution water.

Interlocked operation with
sludge dewatering press
or another machine

The device keeps monitoring the dissolving tank and the stock solution tank / the hopper using sensors. When the level of the polymer is low or when supply of dilution water is inadequate, the device automatically stops and sends a warning signal to external equipment.

Polymore Liquid Type ( AMCON INC. (JAPAN) offers it only for Japan. )

Polymore which is mafactured by Swedish company POLYMORE AB, is a in-line mixing type, automatic liquid polymer make-up system that is widly used in Europe.


Small Footprint

The design is compact by adopting inline mixing and yet the disolving capacity is powerful. It is best for those who need to install all necessary kinds of equipment in limited space.

Easy Operation

All operation adjustments are just settings of flow rate of dilution water and neat polymer pump. Polymer can be easily made up to specific concentration. Moreover, it is also possilbe to operate in conjunction with sludge dewatering press by using external input and alarm output.

Unnecessary to use
pump for dosing of
polymer solution

Adopting a structure that discharges dissolved solution using inflow water pressure of dissolved water supplied to Polymor. It is unnecessary to use a pump for dosing polymer solution into sludge dewatering machine.

example of installation


Polymer Coagulants Hybrid V Series

Polymer Coagulant
Hybrid V Series

Officially recommended polymers for VOLUTETM Dewatering Presses and Thickeners

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