Reduction of industrial waste disposal cost

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  • Food Processing Plant
  • Dewatering oily sludge
  • Reduction of industrial waste disposal cost

Dewatering of oily sludge without clogging

Chicken processing plant in Ukraine

The chicken processing plant in Ukraine had a big issue on tremendous amount of sludge disposal costs due to direct disposal of the sludge without dewatering. They had tried to look for a suitable sludge dewatering equipment for easy dewatering of the oily sludge, however it was almost impossible to find.


  • Food Processing Plant
  • Dewatering oily sludge
  • Reduction of industrial waste disposal cost

Applicable to oily sludge! VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press reduces the sludge disposal cost by 75%!

Major meat-process plant in Canada

In the meat-process plant in Canada managed by a world's leading meat-process plant, huge amount of sludge disposal cost had been a longstanding problem. In production process, approximately 96m3 sludge had been generated a day, and the sludge had been disposed by a waste disposal firm. This sludge disposal cost had reached as much as 93.6 million yen a year. The existing belt press had produced no substantive results in dewatering performance of the oil sludge generated in this plant. Oil sludge dewatering problem had been abandoned as hopeless to solve.


  • Reduction of industrial waste disposal cost
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Small footprint

Ultra-small VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press ES-051 largely solves all the costs and maintenance problems.

Septic Tank in Ukraine

In the year of 2004 in Ukraine, there was no compact sludge dewatering equipment suitable for small-scale wastewater treatment facilities like septic tanks. As for septic tanks, it had been common that liquid sludge was disposed by tanker truck and delivered to central sludge dewatering facilities for post treatment. For that reason, the annual sludge disposal cost was extremely high, which had been a major issue among user and maintenance service company.


  • Reduction of industrial waste disposal cost
  • Commercial Facilities

Costs for industrial waste reduced with thickener

Large Commercial Facility (Office Building)

Some office buildings and large commercial facilities have wastewater treatment facilities underground. In such case, it is difficult to take dewatered cake out, so sludge is kept in liquid form and vacuumed out by pump without being dewatered. This potential customer also had been vacuuming out the liquid sludge, and had considered how to reduce the large cost of this industrial waste disposal.


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