Sludge Dewatering Press

(offered only in Japan)
Sludge dewatering press equipped with Volute technology. Dewatering with an automatic self-cleaning filter mesh enables stable constant dewatering without the need for flush water to prevent clogging.

MS Series

Japan Sewage Works Agency standard specification

Dewatering press MS series comply with the standard specification of "Multi disc-type screw press dewatering equipment," published as a part of machinery and equipment of the standard specifications of the Japan Sewage Works Agency.
The direct dewatering of sludge from oxidation ditch was established by joint research of the Japan Sewage Works Agency and AMCON, in 1998.


Throughput - Sludge Dewatering Press [MS series]


Polymer Coagulant Hybrid V Series

Polymer Coagulant
Hybrid V Series

Officially recommended polymers for Volute Dewatering Presses and Thickeners

Sludge Dryer Solapy SP/SL Series

Sludge Dryer Solapy
SP/SL Series

For further reduction in industrial waste disposal cost by drying dewatered sludge

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