Volute Dewatering Press Unlike Any Other

In 1991, AMCON unveiled Volute, which brought epoch-making innovations to sludge dewatering technology.
The performance of dewatering equipment is enhanced by removing clogging which could considerably block the discharge of the filtered liquid.
AMCON's dewatering press is equipped with unique Volute technology, which allows dewatering sludge while automatically self-cleaning the filter mesh. This enables stable and constant dewatering without depending on flush water for clogging prevention.

Product Lineup

Sludge Dewatering Press Sludge Thickener
Model without Sludge Conditioning Tank Model with Sludge Conditioning Tank Japan Sewage Works Agency Standard Specification Mobile Dewatering Truck
GSシリーズ GS Series
ECシリーズEC Series
MS Series (offered only in Japan)MS Series
(offered only in Japan)
MV Series (offered only in Japan)MV Series
(offered only in Japan)
VT SeriesVT Series


What is Sludge
Conditioning Tank?

A sludge conditioning tank temporarily stores sludge before it is dewatered. The model with a sludge conditioning tank realizes a high solid capture rate higher than 95%, and the efficiency of sludge treatment is tremendously enhanced as the inlet sludge is always conditioned beforehand. In addition, when required, the conditioning tank can be used as a reactor tank for inorganic flocculant.

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