Sludge Dryer

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The amount of disposable sludge can be significantly reduced by drying and fermenting the dewatered cake ( Click here for sludge dewatering and fermentation system) . AMCON proposes sludge treatment which eliminates sludge disposal cost.

Sludge Dryer Solapy SP/SL Series

The sludge dryer Solapy dries dewatered cake with a water content of 83% discharged from the sludge dewatering press into dried sludge with a water content of about 10 to 40%, thus reducing the amount of sludge to be disposed of.
For example, if dewatered cake with a water content of 83% is dried into that with 30% water content, the weight of the sludge is reduced to about 1/4 and a significant amount of sludge can be reduced.


Throughput - Sludge Dryer Solapy [SP/SL Series]

Features of Sludge Dryer Solapy

2 types of heat sources

SP series with an electric heat source and SL series with steam source are available. According to a customer environment, a suitable model can be selected.

High efficiency and
small footprint design

High heat transfer efficiency is achieved by exposing dewatered cake directly to a heat source; and the unique double drum structure ensures a sufficient drying surface while realizing a small footprint.
*SL-2 type, SL-5 type are available only with single drum structures.

Flaky dried sludge

Flaky dried sludgeCombined with AMCON's sludge dewatering press, dried sludge is discharged in flake form.
This form is easy to handle without dried sludge scattering.
Further, compared to dewatered cake, dried sludge with a low water content is harder to rot, therefore, less foul odors are generated when stored temporarily.

Our dewatering and drying
system can be connected

Combined with AMCON's sludge dewatering press, a consecutive processing system for dewatering and drying can be utilized.
In this case, the dewatered cake that is discharged from the dewatering press is fed into the drier consecutively, therefore storage equipment or large transfer conveyors are not required.
Using optional equipment sold separately, a dewatering press of other manufacturers can be combined.

Dried sludge can be
utilized as compost

Depending on the type of sludge, the dried sludge can be utilized as dried cell fertilizer, by-product compound fertilizer or compost.
*To use dried sludge as fertilizer, registration with each municipality is required.

Water content and weight of sludge

State of Sludge Water Content Weight of Sludge Cake
Raw sludge 99% 10000kg
Thickened sludge 96% 2500kg
Dewatered cake 83% 588kg
Dried sludge 40% 167kg
30% 143kg
20% 125kg
10% 111kg

*Trial calculation for solid content of 100kg-DS

Water content and weight of sludge


Sludge Dewatering Press Volute Series

Sludge Dewatering Press
Volute Series

The Volute Series is officially recommended for the Solapy sludge dryer.
The press and the Solapy dryer make up a dewatering and drying system.

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