This page introduces our customer comments and case studies of introduction of products and services.

Categories of Case Studies

Water Treatment Chemicals

良い方 - コピー

Confectionary and retort-packed food plant

Cost reduction by using a proper polymer!

Other Products


Meat Processing Factory

Succeeded in stable supply of polymer to two equipment from one Polymer Make-up System

Water Quality Testing & Various Environmental Analyses


KankyouKougaku Inc.

A company that is continuously enhancing the client satisfaction level, I think so.

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Inquiries about Products

  • Sludge Dewatering Press & Thickener
  • Sludge dryer & sludge dewatering and fermentation system
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Other Products

Inquiries about Maintenance of plumbing systems for residential and commercial buildings

  • Inspections of facilities
  • Repairs of water supply and drainage systems
  • 24-hour maintenance
  • Drainage cleaning
  • Drinking water storage tank cleaning
  • Drain tank cleaning

Inquiries about Water quality testing & various environmental analyses

  • Drinking water, bathtub water and other water quality testing
  • Wastewater and soil analysis (measurement certification business)
  • Hygiene testing (swab test)
  • Inspection of private waterworks
  • Air quality measurement
  • Radioactivity measurement
  • Sale of large business-use water filters and household water filters